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"Captivating, incredible and life-affirming"

Everyday Wendy

by LF Meleyal


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Wendy Wooldridge has a perfectly lovely ordinary life but as birthdays take her ever nearer to the "big 6-0" she wants something more. An on-line course promises to help Wendy find her "essential adventurous self". With encouragement from her course guru Melody Skyhorse, Wendy takes up hula hooping just before two momentous events change her life for ever.

One firms Wendy Wooldridge’s resolve to become the woman she wants to be. The other provides the means. Her new hooping class chums - an ex-circus performer, a vegan eco warrior, a group of teachers and a male ballet dancer hilariously introduce Wendy to new ideas, lifestyles and ways of thinking. Even in the context of a life changed beyond all recognition and through both happiest and saddest times, Wendy’s new friends delightfully help her to thrive more than she could ever have imagined possible.

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What people are saying about Everyday Wendy

Enlightening, fun and honest...

“I loved this book, I felt like I was on a journey with Wendy.. so much the advice from Melody Skyhorse left me me wondering if she had a spy camera into my own soul... Great plot, carefully thought through, kept me gripped and rooting for all the characters.. The author has an inate ability to address issues with humour, honestly and kindness that made me want to be more like Wendy.. a great read..”

Dawn & Paul

Brilliant read - life affirming

“Loved the fact that it was written from Wendy's point of view with sneaky thoughts and one liners that had me laughing. Shows how life can throw things at you and you decide how to deal with them. Tragic and comic in equal measures. Believable characters with all their faults and good sides.”

Anne B

Hidden depths

“On the surface, Everyday Wendy is a most enjoyable read about a woman questioning her existence, faced with life changing life events [...] by the end of the book, you realise that, though you've just read a novel with serious themes, you've also read an excellent self-help book written with humour.”

Alison R Russell

A life affirming novel

“This is a wonderful first novel. It’s one of those ‘can’t put down’ novels. It reads like you are in conversation with a best friend. It will make you laugh out loud whilst re-evaluating your life priorities. Highly recommended.”

Amazon Customer

Beautiful book

“This was my holiday book. I couldn't put it down It's a lovely study of relationships, family, friends and even fleeting acquaintances, tiny little observances which will resonate with the reader. Each time I put it (reluctantly) down, I found myself thinking about the characters and the possible next twists - a good indication of something special. Well written and highly recommended.”

Sue Grogan

So enjoyed this read

“It's not often that a holiday/beach read makes you reflect, but this book certainly did. In fact I laughed and cried. Wendy took life's challenges on the chin whilst always focussing on those she held dear. She showed that even when on an emotional rollercoaster and approaching middle age, it is never too late to make connections stronger, learn new tricks and make new friends. If you are a wife, mother or a woman of a certain age this book will resonate. Much more than the holiday book I was expecting.”

Amazon Customer


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